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About Robot Kitten Factory:

A mad scientist. A sentient broken computer. A series of robot kittens created to save the world from monster invasions. It's Robot Kitten Factory!

Artist notes:

"Robot Kitten Factory started as an experimental project, it started as a way for me to draw something light and fun every day on iPad to keep my drawings fresh without obsessing over every detail. I usually draw it at night while unwinding, it is like a hobby - like growing robot kittens in a laboratory.

Robot Kitten Factory is not technical. It's fun and fluid and always changing. It's meant to be lighthearted and filled with big action that is fun to read. I gave it an old school vibe like a classic manga from back in the day.

I hope that you enjoy it, I find myself liking it immensely. It is no longer experimental, it is now a (several times a week) regular comic manga with a print book in the works."

-Mark Bussler


-Mark Bussler